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Soup, Salads & Sides  
  Soup of the day - Homestead fresh every day  $4.99
  Spring Mix (arugula, spinach, red and green romaine, cucumber, cherry tomatoes & Shaved carrots)VegetarianGluten Free $7.99
  Small SaladVegetarian Gluten Free $4.99
  Creamy Caesar SaladVegetarian Gluten Free $8.99
  ADD Chicken $3.99
  Summer Salad (Meal sized salad, Spring Mix, broccoli, cauliflower, red onion, cherry tomato, cucumber, shaved carrot, hard boiled egg & cheddar cheese topped with your choice of dressing) Vegetarian Gluten Free $13.99
  Homemade BruschettaVegetarian Gluten Free $6.99 
  Homemade Bruschetta with Mozza Cheese $7.99
  Homemade Bruschetta with Feta Cheese $8.99
  French Fries $4.99
  Sweet Potato Fries $5.99
  Poutine $7.99
  Garlic Bread $6.99
  Garlic Bread with Cheese $7.99
  Mozza Sticks served with Ranch Sauce $7.99 
  Battered Mushrooms with Ranch Sauce  $6.99 
  Onion Rings  $6.99 
  Veggie Tray (assorted vegetables served with ranch dressing)Vegetarian Gluten Free $8.99
  Sauteed Onions $2.99
  Sauteed Mushrooms $2.99
  Gravy $1.99
  POTATO POPPERS (cheddar cheese & jalapeno infused potato snacks served with Homestead's famous Southwest Sauce) $6.99 
  HUGE MUNCHIE PLATTER (includes chicken fingers, battered mushrooms, onion rings, potato poppers, garlic bread with cheese and french fries. Served with plum, southwest, mild and ranch sauces) $34.99 
  NACHOS - GROUND BEEF OR CHICKEN (red and green peppers, red onion, mozza and cheddar cheese with sour cream and salsa)  $14.99 
  NACHOS - Vegetarian (green and red peppers, red onions, mozza and cheddar cheese, sour cream and salsa) Vegetarian $10.99 
WRAPS Served with your choice of fries or small salad    
  STEAK (New York strip with sauteed onions and peppers in BBQ sauce topped with cheddar cheese and lettuce $13.99 
  CHICKEN (grilled with green & red peppers, red onions, tomato, feta cheese & lettuce topped with ranch dressing)  $12.99 
  VEGGIE (avocado, green & red peppers, red onion, lettuce, tomato, feta cheese topped with ranch dressing) Vegetarian $10.99 
BURGERS Served with your choice of fries or small salad.  
  AAA Canadian beef 4 oz.  $9.99 
  Cheeseburger  $10.99 
  Homesteader (with bacon and cheese)  $12.99 
  Bogey Burger (loaded with sauteed mushrooms & onions, cheese, hot peppers and Homestead's southwest sauce)  $13.99 
  Montreal Smoked Beef - Deli style sandwich 8 oz. served on rye bread with regular Dijon or Keen's mustard and pickle with French fries or small salad  $11.99 
  Chicken Fingers with fries  $11.99 
  Buffalo Strips (hot, med, mild, honey garlic or sweet chili and fries) $13.99 
  Chicken Breast on a bun grilled to perfection with lettuce, tomato & mayo  $7.99 
  Chicken Schnitzel on a bun with lettuce, tomato & mayo Gluten Free $7.99 
  Egg salad $4.99 
  Grilled cheese  $4.99 
  B.L.T  $4.99 
  Fresh Turkey  $4.99 
  Roast Beef  $4.99 
  Salmon  $4.99 
  Ham & Cheese  $4.99 
  Toasted Western  $5.99 
House Favourites    
***WINGS*** Homestead's 23 year specialty   
  Thai, fire 'n' ice, mild, med, HOT, honey garlic, BBQ, mild or dry cajun rub, sea salt & cracked pepper, lemon herb or SUICIDE - be careful please   
  Priced by the pound  $11.99 
  Extra sauce on the side  $1.99 
CLUBHOUSE - Turkey - Beef - Chicken (served with fries or small salad)   $13.99 
  Chicken - With peppers, red onion, mozza & cheddar cheese - Served with salsa, sour cream and homemade nacho chips.  $13.49 
  Veggie - With red & green peppers, red onion, mozza, homemade nacho chips, salsa and sour cream.Vegetarian $10.99 
  Substitute fries for nacho chips  $2.99 
FISH 'n' CHIPS    
  Available battered or sauteed served with tartar sauce, lemon & vegetable   
  1 - piece of Haddock  $10.99 
  2 - pieces of Haddock  $14.99 
  Every Friday Special - Heineken battered Fish 'n' Chips SPECIAL!!!   
Dinner (from 5:00pm)    
   Entrees served with soup or salad, potatoes and vegetable.  

Homemad pie a la mode for $3.99 with any entree order. 

  New York Strip 6oz  $16.99 
  New York Strip 10oz  $24.99 
   Slow cooked to perfecction $17.99 
  Saturdays only, best ribs ever!!! Tell your friends!  
  Half rack  $9.99 
  Full rack  $17.99 
   Baked with a tomato based parmesan sauce and grated parmesan $17.99 
  Grilled Haddock with butter and lemon herbs $16.99
Breakfast (served until 11:00am)    
Country Breakfast    
  Two eggs any style with your choice of bacon, ham or sausage, home fries, toast and preserves  $7.99 
THREE EGG OMLETTES - served with homefries and toast    
  Cheese  $7.99 
  Cheese & Mushrooms  $8.99 
  Western  $9.99 
  Spanish  $10.99 
  Juice, cereal, 2 eggs any style with bacon, ham or sausage, home fries, toast, preserves and tea or coffee  $14.99 
  Bacon (3 pieces), Sausage or Ham (2)  $2.99 
  Toast & Jam  $2.99 
  Homestead Homemade Pies $3.99 
  Add a scoop of ice cream  $1.99 
  Jason says - "a dollar off for kids!"  $4.99 
Kids Menu  - Available to all children 12 years old or younger, all meals include fries and milk or pop  
  Chicken Fingers (2 pieces)  $7.99 
  Hamburger  $7.99 
  Grilled Cheese  $7.99 
  Bottled Water  $1.33 
  Tea, Coffee, pop 8oz. milk  $1.77 
  Herbal Tea, 8oz. of chocolate milk  $2.49 
  Juices, 5oz. - Tomato, Cranberry, orange or grapefruit  $2.65 
  G-2, Pure leaf iced tea  $2.29 
  Hot Chocolate - decadent & delicious  $2.99 


GlutenFree Certified Gluten Free

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